One key note.  We do not label our buckets with our name on them anymore.  We want you as the organization to get repeat orders.  It is not fair to your sellers to have to compete with a retail location that you are doing a fundraiser with selling the same product for a lower cost.  


Our mission is to provide the best fundraising experience possible. You will be directly dealing with the owner. Not workers that aren't vested in your success. We work around the clock to make sure you get the best product and service available.

Our fundraisers can be done all across the U.S.  We have trucking partners that will ensure timely and safe delivery to your destination.

Product Information:

Products are compared to major leading brands but are not manufactured by them.

We strive to keep ALL product Made in USA.  

Profit you ask?  Your group profits $15-20 on every bucket of laundry soap sold at suggested pricing.    Other high profit items include: pods, dish soap, body soap, hair soap, scent boosters and trash bags!


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